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Clarinet playing has become more than a simple hobby through the past several years. I became hooked ever since I felt the cold  keys on my fingers, heard the warm resonate sound, and used it as a productive outlet for a lot of my emotions and stress. Though I may sound very motivated, it has been a struggle to always find a reason and true motivation to practice and play through these years, and I have had slumps where I have not picked up the clarinet for weeks at a time. But, I always find myself coming back to it and finding new motivations and learning more about myself through it. My musical journey has not only grown my clarinet skills, but it has also developed myself as a person into who I am today.

Awards and Recognitions

Clarinetist for Atlanta Youth Symphony: 2019 to 2021


Georgia All-State for Clarinet, 2016-2021


1st chair clarinet for Korean Community Presybeterian Church of Atlanta Orchestra

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