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Marching Band

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Marching Band

 My marching band experience stayed shaky at first as I was thrust into a completely new surrounding only knowing my 3 other friends who had joined along with me on a whim. But slowly, I started to feel more at home and soon found myself screaming along people I had known for a few weeks at most. Marching band has been an experience that has come to shape my personality and allowed me to participate in a team environment both as a new member and as a leader. I truly became hooked on the activity after the second competition in my freshman year season which happened to be the biggest competition of that time: The GSU Marching Band Competition. After our performance, our whole band had little hope of winning it all and even made silly bets amongst ourselves about what we would do if we actually won. But as we all sat in the stands these exact words came out, “The winner of the 2018 Georgia State Marching Band Competition is… the Lambert High School marching band.” WIthout even thinking we all started jumping up and down in the stands screaming not regarding a single person staring or judging us. The joy and emotions I felt at that time is something I will never forget and was the defining moment of marching band for me.

Awards and Recognitions

Member of Lambert High School Marching Band: 2018-2021

Lambert High School Marching Band Clarinet section leader:  2020 to 2021


Georgia State University Marching Band Competition Winner 2018 and 2019

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